Saturday, April 07, 2007

Up on YouTube: Le sous-terrain (Underground)

Having okayed it with my actresses, Clementine and Nescha, I've uploaded my Kino film from this year's Kino Kabaret. From go to whoa (including rehearsal and shooting) this film took four hours days; I had some serious writer's block! I wanted to make a sci-fi film, set entirely in a single room, and in French, so that's what this is. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adelaide Punk finally on YouTube!

In a move far bolder than I have made as yet, Alan Sheldon, my colleague and former classmate from Advanced MAPS 2006 has finally put his masterpiece, Adelaide Punk up on YouTube. The film centres around Jack and Sally, a young punk couple in love who run away from home only to find themselves caught in a spider's web when they stumble upon a madman's tea party. Director Alan Sheldon holds his tongue in cheek and his heart on his sleeve with references to David Lynch, John Waters, Michel Gondry and punk culture.

Adelaide Punk has many ties to Suit Up!; I was production designer and editor on the former and Alan was 2nd A.D. on the latter. Furthermore, two of Adelaide Punk's major characters, Sally, the young punkress, and Eddie Crackers, the mad tea enthusiast, are played by Lynda Ferguson and Trav Nash (respectively).

Do check it out, and of course you can read the now-defunct blog here (and Alan's new project, Mondo Insano, has a blog here.

EDIT: And you can watch the behind the scenes stuff, too!

Trav Nash pleads Plotless @ Adelaide Fringe

Trav Nash
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Suit Up!'s own Trav Nash is performing his show "Trav Nash Has Lost The Plot" all this week at Rhino Room (downstairs, 6:30pm, 27-31 March 2007). Adelaideians and Fringe Festival attendees interested in some bizarre comedy, madcap animations and incredible guest stars should go check it out. Be warned: it's not for the faint of heart. I'm scarred for life, but I laughed my ass off.

And good luck to Lynda Ferguson, who this week headed off on an extended trip to Sydney.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

AFF07, Kino Kabaret all done

I was working in the Lab late one night...
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The Adelaide Film Festival and the Kino Kabaret 2007 are now over. I'm very sad about it all - I'd been looking forward to it for so long, and it was over all too quickly. Still, I am definitely the richer for both events, having taken in about 12 films and 5 special events in the duration of the festival. Can't wait for next time, let's hope I'm around for it!

Friday, February 23, 2007

AFF & Kino Kabaret 07

Something that I've been looking forward for the last two years is the Adelaide Film Festival 2007. This amazing biennial festival is always so enjoying and mind-blowing; I just hope I can afford the sort of experience that I managed last time as a volunteer.

A major part of this festival for me will be the Kino Kabaret 2007. Kino Kabarets involves rapid-fire film-making: scripting, shooting, cutting and screening short films in the space of 48 hrs. There are four screenings: an opening night, and then one at the end of each of the three 48 hour periods (if that made sense). Screening dates are as follows:
Sunday, 25th February
Tuesday, 27th February
Thursday, 1st March
Saturday, 3rd March

All screenings start at 9pm, all are being held at Electric Light Hotel & Producers Bar (235 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA) and all are FREE, baby! Come along, cheer us on, and let us know if you want to join in.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pictures: Emily Smart EP launch

Emily Smart
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A few pictures from Emily Smart's EP launch last night are up now on flickr. Enjoy, and congratulations, Em, on a fantastic show!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lance Campbell writes up Alan Sheldon, Adelaide Punk

Great news for my friend and colleague, Alan Sheldon, who, along with his film, Adelaide Punk, has garnered a mention in the newest issue of SALife magazine (February 2007 Vol 4 No. 2, p94-95). In his article "Location, Location", Lance Campbell, the magazine's Arts Editor includes a side-article entitled "It Could Happen To You", wherein he discusses how Alan came to use his own Adelaide cottage for interiors and exteriors in Adelaide Punk.

...A dozen fledgling filmmakers descended on his place to make Adelaide Punk, a film fairytale by Alan Sheldon. The scenes were finished in a day in Lance's kitchen and living room, the film is 10 minutes long and out now on DVD.

Congrats, Alan, and good on you to Lance for being such a great sport - what a lovely house you have!

UPDATE: With further thanks to Lance and to Jacqui Williams, Editor of SALife, I can include this .pdf of the article for those non-South Australians out there. Thanks, guys!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Emily Smart EP launch & Trav Nash Fringe show!

Suit Up!'s Emily Smart has another big show coming up, this time to launch her new solo EP. I've uploaded the poster, but keen eyes (like mine!) might already have spotted it around Adelaide. In any case, the details are as follows:
Jive (181 Hindley St, Adelaide)
8pm, 10th February 2007
featuring Cookie Baker and Nadjeska
Entry is $10

In other news of upcoming events, Suit Up!'s favourite Adelaide comedian, our very own Trav Nash, has a show coming up in Adelaide's 2007 Fringe Festival
Trav Nash has Lost The Plot
Rhino Room (downstairs)
6:30pm March 27th - 31st
Entry $15 ($10 conc.)
Tickets from FringeTIX

Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh, and...

HAPPY 2007!
What's in store for Suit Up! in the New Year? Well, a release, hopefully. We'll get there eventually; thanks for your patience!

The Black Doves

Adelaide live music scene nomad, Spoz, has posted some photos from The Black Doves' most recent gig (at the Rhino Room last Friday) on his blog, where I was finally able to catch the band in all their gothic glory (pics about halfway down the page). It was a great show, and I'm so glad that I finally got to catch their act; Illicit Eve and The / Emily Smart / Duo are still in my sights (including Em's EP launch in February)!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Raise 'em high

Raise 'em high
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So long, MAPS 2006. Love to you all.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The podcast's last hoorah...

The Suit Up! podcast was a fun, experimental part of the Suit Up! project. I first heard about podcasts on an episode of ABC Radio National's Background Briefing, but, like so many people, it wasn't until the release of iTunes 4.9 that I actually started listening to them. The grass-roots nature of podcasting, the way it put power in the hands of people, and the way it was free from censorship was just... electric. I had a few early favorites, including The Dawn And Drew Show and Geek Speak Radio.

When the Suit Up! project began, I got excited: here at last was something possibly worth podcasting about. I had the facilities to record myself at my disposal at school, and had lots of stuff going on to discuss. But despite my enthusiasm, podcasting and me just didn't work out. For one, I'm dull; I'm not well-suited to talking to no-one, as I just end up running off at the mouth and making stupid comments that beg to be edited out, but never will be because I'm no sound editor.

Secondly, it can get exhausting, not to mention pointless, blogging about every bit of your project and then regurgitating it for your podcast. It does nothing for you, and it's just tacky.

Thirdly, and this remained the main reason there are no more podcasts, I had no online server space to which I could upload my podcasts as soon as they were recorded; they'd either hang around til I found a way to get it up online, or they'd have to be compressed to ridiculous quality levels to fit on my measly 10MB Optus webspace. You really need server space to make a successful podcast; it's the best way to set up a good RSS feed, crucial to the subscription model that makes podcasts different from downloadable sound-files. It's that RSS feed that makes it possible for iTunes or iPodderX or whatever podcatcher you use to retrieve new episodes once they become available.

I just found the never-before-released fourth enstallment of the podcast. I still don't have any server space to make a dedicated and clean link, but I've uploaded it to MediaFire: SUPodcast004. Enjoy my rambling one last time, because I don't plan on making more of these anytime soon. I'm also taking down the link to the podcast feed, even though I do love that icon. Anyways, it's all about video-blogging now.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My kingdom for a website... well, not my kingdom, obviously.

I was looking at the recent traffic statistics for both this blog and Suit Up!'s website. Both have gone up a bit since last week, so hey to all you newcomers. Sorry that there's not much to look at on the ol' website at the moment. I can't honestly say when something will be up, but it's on my mind all the time. It just something that we didn't cover enough this year. I asked a mate of mine who works in this field if he could make a website for me. He said he could do it for $1000, mates rates. I lol'd.

I've been toying with the idea of just making a website based on a Blogger template. It's not such a crazy idea, really. I could have multiple pages. Link to whatever I want. I could easily update it. I'm yet to think about it fully, but it's an idea that I'm kicking around. If anyone has some advice on this matter, I'd love to hear it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Army Of The Five Monkeys

The Army Of The Five Monkeys
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We did it!

The DVDs have landed!

Box o' DVDs
They're here! The DVDs have arrived, and for the most part, they're looking lovely. Everyone's stuff is looking pretty schmick, from what I've seen; I've only snared myself a copy of Adam's Me And My Friends and Stan's Adelaide's St Peter's Cathedral and Let Me Tell You About It but they're both professional efforts. Mine are not right though, which sucks: the printers have not printed the discs properly, leaving a large circle and DVD logo where there should not be either. I know where the mistake has been made, but it's not my mistake, and I'm a wee bit incensed. Nevertheless, everything else about them seems cool. I'd take them back, but then I wouldn't have anything to give my lovely cast tonight.

Tonight? Why, haven't you heard? It's the screening tonight!
7pm, Friday, 1 December
Marion Cultural Centre
287 Diagonal Rd
Oaklands Park, SA

Hope to see anyone and everyone there!

Bottom's Up!

Go see Suit Up!'s very own Guy O'Grady (Harris) when he treads the boards next week in Urban Myth's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The show runs from the 7th til the 9th of December; it's a short run but it should be fun!

Where: The Unley Village Green. Oxford Tce, Unley.
When: 7th, 8th and 9th December
Time: 6pm for pre-show entertainment, BBQ, stalls etc. This event is FREE.
8pm for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Price: $20 adults, $12 Concession. Various family tickets are also available. Call BASS on 131246 for further details. Tickets need to be purchased through BASS. Limited seating is available as picnic areas, so get in quick if you would like to book one of those.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Catch up...

I've been catching up on a bit of Rocketboom. I was so behind on my viewing, but now I'm only a month behind. :\ There were some particularly good episodes, so I'm glad that I went back and covered them.

I went to see Mario Spate's band play the other night, but sadly missed them - again! I did however buy their CD, and it's really great, so look out for it: "Empty Out Your Heart" by The Black Doves.

Trav Nash's side-project Robots Kill Children also played that night, and were also missed by me. By all accounts it was a mind-exploding sensory overload of completely unrehearsed choons and ad-libbed acoustics. I'll have to catch the next one.

And it was a couple of weeks ago now, but Lynda Ferguson should be congratulated on her fantastic work in Pastiche, a play that was part of the Feast Festival. I saw the opening night performance, and Lynda was so good. Congrats, Lynda; hope the rest of the run went well!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Fistful of MAPS...

screening poster

The screening is almost upon us, and with it comes our gorgeous poster! The graphic is shamelessly plundered from the original Italian poster for per un Pugno di Dollari so ssssshhutuuuup!

And MAPS is over! Much to tell, but I must now go to bed. More tomorrow, hopefully.

Thanks to Alan for starting the poster. He started, I finished. We stole.